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Take Control Of Your Invoicing & Project Management With Pancake App

Probably the most useful software business tool we use at Brightwood Creative is Pancake App. We love to craft beautiful websites and deliver smart graphic design projects to clients, and while business accountancy is certainly important, we’d rather be sketching the next piece of digital art or coding a responsive website than punching numbers into an Excel spreadsheet. Pancake App makes business accounting a breeze. More than just invoicing software, Pancake tracks our projects, expenses, proposals, estimates and takes payments. Read More »

How to pay an invoice with your credit card

Invoices can now be paid online using any major credit card. Simply locate the payment link at top of your online invoice and enter valid credit card details. Your Invoice will be instantly marked as paid, which you can review along with any other invoices in your client access area.

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Managed Website Hosting with Brightwood Creative

While there are many providers in the global and domestic managed hosting market, Brightwood Creative should still be your all-in-one solution for website Hosting. With blazing fast, reliable Linux servers, backups, updates and security checks, Brightwood Creative has all your website hosting needs covered.

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